Dubai’s Best Facial 2017 – Awaken Your Radiance With Tulasãra

Dubai’s Best Facial 2017 – Awaken Your Radiance With Tulasãra

Aveda recently launched their newest products, Tulasãra in Dubai and there is a product for everyone. Aveda’s newest concentrate and oils are total game changers. Why not ‘Awaken Your Radiance’?

Best Dubai facial 2017

I was recently invited to Aveda’s Flagship Salon and Spa to explore their newest products (products aside, you must visit this location – the layout is so impressive and a must see for salon and spa enthusiasts). We were very fortunate to have Aveda’s Global Skin Expert, Krista Kasey to talk us through Aveda’s newest range, Tulasãra. Krista gave us some beauty expert tips and tricks on how to look after skin so that we can preserve youthful, beautiful skin for longer. Let me tell you, Krista’s skin was absolutely flawless so I am completely on board with everything she recommended.

To give you a little background about Aveda as a brand, they were essentially the pioneers in nature and plant based products. It’s refreshing to see brands working with natural products and making the most of our extraordinaire planet.

“At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty but around the world.”

Given that Aveda are plant science experts it comes as no surprise that the Tulasãra concentrate range is inspired by the Ayurveda – the ancient healing art of India.

There are three Tulasãra concentrates in the newest range, all designed to serve different skin types. 

CALM Concentrate

Best Dubai facial 2017

This concentrate is ideal for my skin (very oily and prone to breakouts), it’s perfect for soothing angry areas and building skin to be more resistant over time. An algae extract helps reduce visible redness over time whilst pomegranate fruit extract helps soothe and calm. I was surprised to find that each 30ml bottle contains more than 100,000 red raspberry plant stem cells!

BRIGHT Concentrate 

This concentrate is designed to restore radiance and reduce the look of dark spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone. The formula includes licorice root extract which targets discolouration and molasses extract helps reduce the look of dark spots.

FIRM Concentrate 

This product is essentially used to lift and firm the appearance of skin. It includes a potent, bio-fermented peptide to promote natural collagen and help provide a firmer, lifted and lineless appearance. 

Awaken Your Radiance

Aveda have also launched a Radiant Awakening Ritual as a part of their Tulasãra range – this is a game changer!

The kit comes with two products; the Radiant Oleation Oil and Radiant Facial Dry Brush. The 2-step ritual is so easy to add to your beauty routine – minimal fuss with amazing results. 

Best Facial Dubai 2017

Best Facial Dubai 2017

Step One

First, take the dry brush and gently massage your skin (without product) in circular motions working from your neck, upwards for one minute. This process exfoliates your skin and helps bring a smooth, soft complexion to the surface. Consider it morning cardio for your skin! Krista revealed that she exfoliates her skin using the dry brush once her alarm sounds in the morning – this way it doesn’t impact your day and you have a calming ritual to look forward to each morning. For the readers that are concerned about exfoliating with a dry brush (it seemed strange to me too), the brush is made from ultra-soft nylon bristles, formed with massaging peaks to resurface dead skin cells so it doesn’t feel unnatural on the skin. 

Step Two

To complete the routine you need to massage the Radiant Oleation Oil into your skin. The oil is 100% natural, blended with six essential plant oils designed to promote microcirculation, nourish and reveal radiance. 

As you can probably tell, the term ‘Awaken Your Radiance’ is an understatement with these dream products. 

Best Facial Dubai 2017
My Facial

I was so impressed with the teams knowledge of not only their products but with their experience and insight of skin care in general – they truly are skin experts. They were so happy to answer my personal skin related questions and made me feel at ease once I was there. Trust me, there is nothing worse than going for a facial (probably because your skin is looking far from perfect) and having someone insensitively comment on your current skin problems. I totally appreciated the care and consideration from each person I spoke to at Aveda. The facial I received was without a doubt one of the best facials I’ve had in Dubai not only because of the products they were using but due to the overall experience. I totally recommend booking your next facial appointment with Aveda. 

As always, I’d love to know what you think and please let me know if you have also visited Aveda Spa’s or have used their latest products!

I’m completely sold.

Love, Amy X

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