My Non Valentines dinner at The Hide, Al Qasr

My Non Valentines dinner at The Hide, Al Qasr

Yesterday my friends raved about “the best brunch and food” they’ve ever had in Dubai. I immediately questioned such a bold and sweeping statement and decided I had to try “the best food in Dubai” for myself. Perfect opportunity for a Non-Valentine dinner, I think so!

The Hide is a relatively new restaurant which claims to bring a modern twist and a fresh take on American cuisine. To cut straight to the point, it certainly did not disappoint. If you like meat heavy dishes, you have to try this place! The menu is jam packed with succulent meat dishes and the most indulgent side dishes – nothing short of the best comfort food going.

On entry, The Hide had a rustic, laid back atmosphere which I loved – I’ve never really been a fan of intimidating minimal restaurants so The Hide was right up my street. Staff were very accommodating and explained the menu as we were seated. At this point, I’m always too busy sussing out surrounding dishes that have been ordered by people close by. This is how I  decide what to order most of the time.

I photographed all the dishes we ordered so I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

In terms of cost, the menu was reasonable for Dubai – a main course cost between 80dhs – 180dhs and bigger cuts of steak cost approx. 250dhs. Starters and side dishes were between 40dhs – 80dhs and desserts, which I obviously pretended I was sharing cost 45dhs. I always have a little chuckle when they bring two spoons – no chance will I be sharing dessert. Sorry, not sorry.

Best food in Dubai?! – Definitely up there.

Love, Amy X

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