Anne Klein SS’17 – When Comfort Meets Style

Anne Klein SS’17 – When Comfort Meets Style

Anyone else on the search for comfortable yet fashionable attire? I know I am. At first, I thought I was getting older by seeking comfort in fashion but then I came to the realisation that it’s OK to want both practicality and style.

Goodbye, pinchy heels – I’ll save you for restaurant dates only.


I was recently invited to view Anne Klein’s SS’17 Collection at their store in Festival City Mall. I’m always excited by these types of events as it gives me a chance to view brands up close and personal and get to know the inspiration behind their newest collections.

Anne Klein is a brand designed for professional women who are seeking fashionable yet practical items to wear on a daily basis.

“Clothes won’t change the world. The Women who wear them will.” Anne Klein

As the years have gone by I seem to have a growing appreciation for clothing that’s fashionable yet practical. I mean, who else gets over-excited when their dream dress has pockets? This appreciation doesn’t stop at dresses, in fact, I mostly appreciate comfortable shoes. With that said, I will still tolerate an uncomfortable shoe if they’re drop-dead stunning, however, I would much prefer the “drop dead stunning'” shoe not to pinch my feet and make me feel like I want to die at 10pm.

I like to tell myself that my appreciation for comfort isn’t due to the fact I’m getting older (I’m still in my twenties for Gods sake) it’s mainly down to the fact that I wear heels more often these days – sometimes come morning, afternoon and evening, so a comfortable shoe will save a lot of tears and sole (or soul) burn.

I can confidently say that Anne Klein shoes are one of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever tried on/worn.

I decided to make these off-white pointed kitten heels mine for Spring, 2017. I think they will go beautifully with cropped denim jeans and a crisp white shirt, and compliment the prettiest of Spring/Summer dresses. It has a black heel, so it can still be worn with a classic black bag (which I cannot seem to get away from). I also picked up this satchel style black Anne Klein bag with a lion detail clasp. Sucker for an animal accessory, me.

You will find Anne Klein’s boutique store at Festival City Mall. Their Spring/Summer 17 Collection is well worth a look.


Amy X

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