Home Edit: Industrial Dining

Home Edit: Industrial Dining

If you’d like to keep up with my home improvements, then keep an eye out for these ‘Home Edit’ posts.

Now first up, ‘Industrial Dining’ – A little insight into how we created an industrial inspired dining space centred around a DIY dining table.

FYI, these types of posts are currently my favourite to write so if I get over-excited or a little too descriptive, my apologies. I’m smack bang in the middle of a chaotic house move so emotions are high.

Just to give you a little more insight into my current situation; I’m quite literally neither here or there. I now have the keys to my new home so have the freedom to go as I please, but still living in my now ‘old’ home where everything is packed into ten large boxes and a ridiculous amount of suitcases. To summarise, I’m living amongst boxes, and that’s ok (for now).

As some of you may have seen via insta stories, my weekly brunch has been subsidised with weekend DIY sessions, which I admit, I quite enjoy. We (me and the bf) have many projects planned for our new home, however, developing a dining space was one of the ones we wanted to get started on first.

My Style

I wanted the dining space to be industrial and raw.

I’ve always liked the idea of contrasting materials in a bright open space so that each element is seen and appreciated. I’m also a big fan of a novelty wall decoration – an obscure object can immediately inject character to a blank space, filling it with personality and charm. Lastly, I’ve always appreciated old-fashioned, industrial, lighting. This type of lighting may be heavy and industrial by design but it provides an intimate and soft light ideal for dining and entertaining.



DIY Rustic Industrial Dining Table

DIY Rustic Industrial Dining Table

DIY Dining Table

DIY Rustic Dining Table

DIY Industrial Dining Table

DIY wooden stag head

DIY Modern table

DIY wooden table

DIY Rustic Industrial Dining Table

dubai blinds

DIY Dining Table & Bench

I lusted over the idea of owning a Hogwarts-esque dining table with a matching bench for a long time but slowly came to the realisation that owning such a dining table in Dubai would be very expensive (or a tad over my price range). Alas, as some of you may know, I’m not one to give up easily or let standards slip, so I begged the boyfriend to make me one. Luckily, he agreed. Very well behaved, I must say.

I’m afraid I can’t give detailed information on how he made the table because I merely held the wood in place and documented the process via social media, however, I do know he watched a lot of youtube before attempting the build.

Youtube = the answer to all life’s questions.

I would recommend watching Modern Builds channel for lots of DIY inspo. The channel has beautiful, contemporary furniture designs all of which are DIY achievable and easy to follow (so he says).

The wood was purchased from a Speedex, Dubai and the hairpin legs were purchased via wickedhairpins.com for both table and bench. The total cost of the table for material and hardware was around 1,200 AED including the purchase and shipping of the legs from the UK to Dubai.

Dining Table Chairs

Since I already had wood and metal in the mix, I wanted to incorporate one more texture that would complement both materials, so when I found the soft leather chairs at Dubai’s Garden Centre, I did a little happy dance. The leather has an old-fashioned appearance and a soft texture which complements my industrial theme beautifully. The legs are a matt black metal complimenting the lighting. “Perfect, I’ll take three, please.”

The price per chair was 395 AED. I would like to add, that the staff at the Dubai Garden Centre were so helpful.

Follow the Dubai Garden Center on Instagram for lots of garden inspo.

Wooden Stag Head

As I mentioned before, I’m definitely one that appreciates a novelty wall decoration. I like a nice picture like everyone else, or a carefully selected piece of art but I think there’s always something bold and individual about a novelty wall decoration. Since I already had musical instruments displayed in my previous home, this time I was undecided between a vintage bike and a stag head – two completely different pieces, I know. But in the end, I decided to go with the stag head. Maybe I was subconsciously swayed towards the stag head as the only pub in my local village at home is called ‘The Stag’ – my Dad would be proud.

I purchased the stag head from the Dubai Garden Center for 495 AED.

Decorative Plants

I have to be careful purchasing plants, I’ve got an embarrassing history of killing them. If cacti plants can survive desert conditions, I’m hoping that they can withstand living in my house. Here’s to hoping.

With that said, cacti plants are very much the fashionable house plant to own at the moment. They’re aesthetically pleasing but in a strange sense. They hold an almost strong, masculine (almost offensive) appearance but are beautiful and intricate to look at.

The plant pots were my mini DIY project. I secured the bottom with masking tape to reveal a straight line and spray painted the bottom with copper paint.

I purchased three types of cacti from Ace Hardware for 29 AED each and got the plant pots from IKEA for 5 AED each.


I had two certainties when it came to lighting; firstly, I wanted it to be industrially designed and secondly, to be at low-level so it felt intimate around the table. I searched the internet for a while and finally came across my chosen design on, wait for it, eBay! It was a bit of a risk ordering it online, I don’t have full confidence in economy shipping between Dubai and China (it cost around 35 AED) but the risk paid off. It arrived hassle free at the Emirates Post public PO BOX. I love the design and how the height is adjustable. I also love the edison style bulbs – oh, so retro.

I purchased the light and three bulbs for 500 AED including shipping to Dubai via eBay.

Click here, for links to the same light design.


Lastly, can we talk about blinds?

I’ve recently been having a debate with my friends over curtains and blinds! I have an unnecessary hate for curtains (I’m not sure where it’s come from) and hold a current love affair with blinds. Weird, I know.  I believe the words “Curtains are the crocs of the household world” actually left my mouth during this heated debate with my friends.

On a serious note, I feel like Venetian blinds (when done right) can add luxury to a home. I chose Venetian dark wood blinds to contrast with clean, white walls.

I used a company called Blinds&Curtains.ae and was so impressed with the communication, customer service and installation process. I would definitely recommend using this site if you’re considering getting blinds (or curtains) for your home. Blinds&Curtains.ae fitted five large windows and the final bill came to 4700 AED.

Purchasing blinds has been the largest cost so far, but they’ve really have transformed my house into a home, giving it a modern luxury feel that couldn’t be achieved without them.

Ceramic Place Mats

I purchased the black ceramic place mats from Ace Hardwear for 29 AED each. They’re extremely high-quality and add another texture/dimension to my dining area.


As I mentioned previously, I’m not an interior designer, and not pretending to be. I am merely documenting my home transformation process and taste.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think!

Love, Amy X

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