My Best Spring Beauty Buys

My Best Spring Beauty Buys

Spring is well and truly upon us, as are the latest beauty tricks and trends for Spring 2017. Whilst a number of the looks from the Spring/Summer 2017 shows were dramatic and glitter heavy, clean skin and ‘wash-and-go’ hair were still evident and a favourite amongst many.

This Spring I’m choosing to keep my glitter subtle, skin clean and lips colourful. Let’s give our makeup bags a little ‘Spring clean’.

I have recently been cheating on beauty and fashion with home wear and that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s been a long time since I’ve prowled the shop floors for latest Spring fashion and beauty buys and this makes me extremely sad. It was only recently that I accidently stumbled into Harvey Nichols and Sephora (they’re very close together) during a ‘mall homeware search’ trip that I suddenly had the “fuck it” urge to spend my money on beauty instead. I did feel a tad irresponsible spending my bedding fund on foundation and bronzer but shit happens. Also, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if the items I purchased weren’t up to scratch – luckily they’re beautiful.

For me, Spring is an ideal time to leave some of the intensity and dramatic elements of beauty behind- almost starting fresh. I usually opt for more subtle looks to keep my makeup clean and fresh however, I do like to keep an element of colour alive and this year I’m choosing to do this via bold lips.

This Spring I have also decided to make more of an effort with the old tan. I’m sure lots of people will agree that everything looks and feels healthier with a subtle sun-kissed glow however, with that said, this year I will have to fake my tan! I have recently decided to avoid sunbathing as much as possible so all of my tanning efforts will be through products. This will certainly be reflected in lots of my product choices over the upcoming weeks and months, I’m sure. Avoiding sunbathing is a personal choice and I know a lot of girls (and guys!) will roll their eyes at the thought of a Dubai expat avoiding the beach but the reality is too much sun is bad for the skin. Many beauticians and skin experts have scarred me with horror stories of sun damaged skin so I’m sure I will be thanking myself and them when I’m older.

Without rambling on any further, here are my Beauty Buys for Spring 2017 to achieve a fresh Spring face.

Traceless Foundation by Tom Ford SPF 15

This foundation is extremely lightweight and has a luminous finish. If you’re looking for a dewy, glowing finish then this is the foundation for you. I would describe the foundation to be ‘medium coverage’ however, it’s seamless finish allows you to build up or sheer down. I am using the Laura Mercier loose powder to set the oiliest parts of my face (t-zone) but leaving the rest of my face powder free so that the foundation does its work. Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation is certainly one the most luxurious and radiant foundations I’ve purchased. A re-purchaser in my eyes.

Bronzing Powder by Tom Ford (Gold Dust)

I didn’t intend on purchasing bronzer during my beauty splurge but I just so happened to walk away with Tom Ford’s bronzing powder on this occasion – the product was too irresistible to leave behind. I love this product for many reasons; firstly it has a deep golden brown shade perfect for defining bone structure – not an orange tinge in sight (hurrah!) and secondly, it feels silky soft on the skin. It has a light sheen to the formula, which I’m sure is responsible for the radiant finish.   

Sun Glow Blur Bronzing Serum by ByTerry (No 2, Sun Nude)

I have heard so many good things about ByTerry products but was ultimately sold when LydiaEMillen used it consistently in her makeup routine. ByTerry has recently launched in Dubai and has lots of products on offer at Sephora Middle East. I picked up this product to achieve the sun-kissed glow I’ve been lusting over this Spring. I use two pumps of product and apply it before my foundation to achieve a sheer tan then continue with my normal makeup routine. I’ve applied my makeup with and without the product to compare end results and I’m always so much happier with the ‘finished look’ when using the bronzing serum. I wouldn’t be so brave to rock just the ByTerry Sun Glow Bronzing Serum because of my skin but I bet the girls blessed with beautiful skin could use this product to achieve a natural glowy look. 

Rouge Expert Click Stick by ByTerry

I’m a lipstick lover – there’s no doubt about it but I do get disheartened when certain brands master in some areas e.g. colour pigment but lack in other areas e.g. texture. ByTerry has clearly taken this into consideration when creating the Click Stick products. 

“No more compromises: one click and you can have it all! This 3-in-1 hybrid lipstick is rich like a balm, precise like a pencil and intense like a premium pigment. In just one stroke, it reveals the boldest colour impact all day long.”


I chose two shades, both ideal for Spring; ‘rosey flush’ which is a beautiful soft pink ideal for daytime and also bolder, ‘fashion-forward’ shade called ‘orange vogue’.

Let me know what beauty products you have invested in recently.

Love, Amy X

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