Ramadan Ready With HZ by Hissa Zainal

Ramadan Ready With HZ by Hissa Zainal

I spy the perfect Ramadan attire with Hissa Zainal’s latest collection: Act Three,  The Whimsical Summer. Flowing fabrics, stunning embroidery and timeless simplicity by the young Qatari award winning designer, Hissa Zainal.

I’ve learnt a thing or two about style since living in the Middle East. One thing I’ve learnt is that Arabic women are some of the most, if not the most glamorous women on this planet. One of my favourite things to do is find a coffee shop in a busy location (FYI – City Walk or Box Park is ideal) and people watch whilst pretending to work. Anyone with me? During my favourite past time (‘coffee shop stalking’) I’m always drawn to these fabulous women for a number of reasons. Firstly, their makeup is out of this world – their eyebrows is the epitome of hashtag ‘brow goals’ but I also love how they embody so much style and elegance through modest dressing.

Modest dressing isn’t something that I’d take into account when selecting items to wear, however, there is one time of year in the Middle East where I choose to dress a little more modest and some would call ‘respectfully’ and that time is, Ramadan.

Dressing during Ramadan can be tricky if you’re not used to dressing modestly. Whilst the sun is blazing hot and the humidity can often hit 100% it’s still respectable to cover the old shoulders and knees. I’ve tried wearing jeans and long sleeve tops in the past, and trust me, it’s not fun, so the past few years I’ve opted for long flowing dresses or kaftans. This is where my latest obsession comes into place.

HZ by Hissa Zainal. For those who were at Fashion Forward, Dubai you may have seen some of Zainal’s stunning pieces on the runway. The young Qatari designer specialises in ready to wear pieces with dramatic, avant-garde effect whilst still holding the ability to remain simple and timeless. It comes at no surprise that her items have been spotted in magazines across the region and are becoming a regular feature in popular fashion related Instagram accounts.

My Favourite pieces

My favourite item from her Whimsical collection is without a doubt this white embroidered cape, titled ‘Look 6’ on her website. The piece is endless with fabric but still remains light, made from ‘lightweight linen’.  The dress displays its real beauty when standing in the wind (insert heart face & shocked face emoji). It fastens at the top and falls effortlessly below the feet. It comes with a pale salmon undergarment dress which compliments the embroidery nicely, however, I would also choose to wear it over a plain t-shirt and jean combo to give it a more relaxed feel. I’ve also added a hat because apparently, I can’t leave the house without one these days. They seem to have become a necessity in my life. Is there such a thing as ‘hat anxiety’? Because that’s what I feel when I don’t have one. Back to the cape – absolutely an essential item suitable for Ramadan, Summer and life.

Next, is Zainal’s straight cut kaftan with ruffled sleeves, titled ‘Look 8‘ The kaftan is available in both grey and orange but I’ve opted for the grey colour as orange is a little too colourful for me at the moment (I’m easing gently into colour.) The ruffled, exaggerated sleeves are bang on trend and it’s two-tone palette makes it an interesting choice of dress.

Click here to check out the brand’s Instagram page.

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Love, Amy X

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