Luxury For Less

Luxury For Less

I’ve listed some of my favourite high street items for this season. The theme? Luxury for less! I’ve been on the hunt for affordable high street items that resemble ‘designer’ quality in both style and design and one brand, in particular, came out on top.

If you’re like me, then lusting over unobtainable designer items in Harvey Nichols has become a regular thing. Of course, there may be the odd slip up here and there, especially around sale season but a girl has needs, right? The odd Manolo or a special designer dress every so often is achievable but the reality is designer price tags are unattainable if you’re not a millionaire. However, the lack of dollar does not dampen my desire for beautiful quality materials and designs that can often only be found in the ‘higher end’ stores so, this is where a ‘good eye’ comes handy. Don’t worry, my Harvey Nichols visits aren’t totally wasted, most of the time I seek inspiration from the latest collections or their style displays and trot straight over to the high street stores.

Like every girl, I have a list of stores that I visit regularly during trips to the mall: Zara, Topshop, Reiss, All Saints, Sephora (obviously) but one other store has made its way into my “must visit’ list after many years of neglect, H&M.

Over the last year, I’ve noticed more and more girls wearing statement pieces from H&M. I’ll admit that the extent of my past H&M purchases has been limited to basics. Great basics nonetheless but nothing that resembled special, statement pieces but these days I have been swayed and visit the store on a regular basis.

For me, two brands, in particular, deliver and underpin, ‘Fast Fashion’: H&M and Zara. Their collections always resemble the latest designs and styles from the runway at an affordable price point. Everyone is aware of the mammoth that is Zara, so I’m going to focus on my recent purchases from H&M.

My main goal when selecting these items were that they resembled ‘designer style’ and these pieces, in particular, could fool any luxury shoppers eyes.



Spring has certainly sprung with this combo. The intricate detail on this dress resembles the craftsmanship of designer details. I’ve chosen to pair it with a straw hat as it compliments the dress nicely and offers a ‘daytime’ casual feel. I also couldn’t resist the colour combination of the bright yellow Manolo Blahniks for blog photographs but usually, I would dress it down by adding a simple open toe sandal (maybe even with a jazzy embroidered heel!)

Dress: H&M

Hat: H&M

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

I was completely drawn to the faded Hawaiian print of this dress. Its wrap design suits me perfectly and I like how it has longer sleeves but sill has the ‘off-shoulder’ effect. I’ve chosen to team it with neutral suede heels from Aldo (my newest shoe obsession) but have also worn it with my bright yellow Manolo’s to inject more colour. I’m wearing a straw hat because I find it impossible to leave the house without one these days and to complete the outfit I choose some dramatic mermaid-like earrings, in a light blue shade.

Dress: H&M

Hat: similar H&M similar H&M

Earrings: H&M

Once again, I built an outfit around a skirt – nothing to be ashamed of. I liked the mesh texture and dramatic element of this skirt. I paired it with my favourite black basic plunge top from Asos and added a black hat to achieve my favourite, “all black, ninja, Zoro” look. I added my latest pair of suede heels from Aldo and wore ‘sporty chic’, striped earrings from H&M. I would also choose to wear it with an Adidas top to compliment the earrings and perhaps a smart black blazer to ‘dress up’ the sporty element.

Top: Asos

Skirt: H&M

Earrings: H&M (not online but in store)

Shoes: Aldo (on sale at Mall of the Emirates)


If you find any high street items that can pass for designer, let me know!

Love, Amy X




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