Mastering The Sales

Mastering The Sales

Learn from my mistakes! Avoid unsuccessful sale shopping by following  my Top 5 Tips.

In theory, sale shopping sounds great; discounted prices, multiple offers and the possibility of obtaining ‘the bargain of the century’, but we all know that the reality of sale shopping can be an entirely different experience. Most likely an overall stressful experience driving unnecessary purchases and an empty wallet. To avoid disastrous shopping experiences, I’m going to share my top tips on how to master sale shopping. I have been to enough catastrophic sale experiences, so feel free to learn from my mistakes. With the Dubai Shopping Festival kicking off this weekend, I hope some of you read this and conquer the sales. One-nil to us!

What’s hot and what’s not!

It’s essential to do your research when it comes to sale shopping. Knowing ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ is key when selecting sale pieces. Lots of stores will discount old stock and keep their newest stock i.e. current collections, hidden in the back. For this reason, I tend to overlook trends whilst sale shopping. I usually search for classic pieces that will stand the test of time to avoid getting lumbered with items that will be ‘out of fashion’ in a few months time. With that said, if something catches your eye and your sure it will fit beautifully in your wardrobe, then go for it! Last year I purchased ‘last season’ Manolo Blahnik shoes but could not care less that they weren’t ‘current season’ (to read my previous MB post, click here). I was completely besotted as soon as I tried them on and knew I would love them come any season’. I’ve worn them on a regular basis since last summer (I’m actually concerned I’m wearing them too much) and they’ve even had a feature in the I’m sure you’ll know the shoes I’m talking about if you follow me on Instagram. Their bright yellow and have the ability to upgrade the most basic of outfits!


Plan ahead. Take a good look at your wardrobe and see what you already have and later consider what you want or need! Do you lack casual wear? Do you need to purchase a dress for an upcoming event? Should you buy a bag to match a pair of unworn shoes?

Consider noting down items and sticking to the list when your shopping. Your list may be as sporadic as:

  • White summer dress
  • Beige bag
  • Work shoes
  • Two gym tops
  • Bed linen

…but at least you won’t waste your time (and money) on unnecessary items.

Quality or Quantity

Deciding whether you’re shopping for quality or quantity is important. One isn’t more important than the other or right or wrong, but I find it useful to decide on one or the other to avoid disappointment later on.

I’ll admit that I often take on the ‘quality over quantity’ approach during sale season as it’s excellent opportunity to purchase items that you might not necessarily buy on a regular basis, maybe because they’re too expensive or impractical. For example, the first place I would visit is Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales or selected designer stores as my regular shopping budget wouldn’t stretch to non-discounted designer prices. I would be extremely content leaving the mall from such stores, one bag in hand, satisfied with a single quality item. Spending my shopping budget on one special item is fine by me, and I wouldn’t be disheartened that I didn’t purchase multiple of items. However, there will be some occasions where I would choose the ‘quantity over quality’ approach and prefer to buy more than one item. For example, If I had an upcoming holiday and needed a summer wardrobe refresh, I would choose to visit my favourite, die hard high street shops and purchase multiple items for the vacation.

Get my drift? In summary, decide if you want one expensive thing or multiple affordable items. (I could have just written that!)


Set the alarm

Go early! Avoid the car parking brawl. Go before the crowds. Be back in time for lunch. Easy.

Refund and Exchange Policies

Ask the staff about the refund and exchange policies during sale season. Store policies can often change during this time, so make sure to ask so that you avoid being lumbered with a dress that doesn’t fit because you couldn’t be arsed to wait in the fitting room queue.


Last, but certainly not least. Budget! Get to know what you can afford to spend and stick to it. Go old school and take your budget in cash! If you can leave your house without a credit card or debit card, do it but if that concept is too scary (it is to me), keep your cards in a safe, hidden place, like your car! Keeping your card in the car means that it’s not easily accessible and will certainly be a pain in the arse to retrieve but if an ’emergency’ (I use this term loosely) arises, it’s not that far away.


If you’re planning on hitting the malls this weekend, good luck!

I went super early on a Saturday morning and left before 12 pm with a Level Shoe bag in hand. I purchased No21, maroon satin mules at 40% off. I’m extremely giddy with my purchase as I’ve been admiring them since Christmas time!

Love, Amy X




Charles and Keith are offering customers a complimentary hand painted tote with any purchase at their Dubai Mall store on the 23rd and 24th of May. Check out their newest Spring/Summer collection – trust me, it’s well worth a look.


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