Trending: Three Slip-on Mules for Spring/Summer 17

Trending: Three Slip-on Mules for Spring/Summer 17

The latest summer shoe trend for all occasions at any budget. I got you.

While there are plenty of shoe trends for summer, it’s hard to ignore one in recent months. Can we all welcome the Mule Movement?

It took me a while to adopt this style of shoe – I’m not sure why. I may have subconsciously stored a photographic memory of my secondary school (high school) teacher’s God-awful ‘work’ mules in the back of my head. I wonder if she still has them? (I hope she does). Teacher-like mules aside, I’ve completely fallen head over heels for this summer trend.

With lots of trends, if I’m not instantly sold I have a ‘work your way up’ strategy that I follow. In other words, I like to ‘trial’ the trend before investing my pennies into something that may not be as popular next season. It’s simple really – first I would buy the desired item from an affordable brand/store (sale items are even better) and if I love the item and wear it several times, I’ll upgrade i.e. buy a similar item but look for quality in fabric.

I’ve followed this strategy when purchasing various pairs of mules this season and as a result have three different varieties to show you; affordable, high street and luxury.

Without further ado, let’s get into my mules of choice this summer.

Neutral Suede Heel Mules

Aldo (170dhs – sale item)

I saw these shoes in the sale at Aldo, for a bargain price of 170dhs and thought it was the perfect way to get into the trend. Keeping it neutral would mean that I could wear them with a lot of my summer outfits and the lace up detail was ideal for a little more security with regard to fit. I wore the shoes three times before deciding to purchase another pair. The comfort of the shoes along with numerous compliments from friends (and some strangers) spurred me onto the next pair.

Black Suede Kitten Heel Mules

Charles and Keith (229dhs) 

This brings me to probably the most wearable and versatile shoe of the three. I’m definitely more of a practical daytime dresser so lower (more sensible) mules seemed pretty essential for my daytime wardrobe. These Charles and Keith kitten mules would upgrade the most basic of outfits. Comfortable and chic. I’m happy with that combination.

‘Ronny Satin’ Maroon Mules

No21 at Level Shoe (1350dhs)

Now for the biggies! These are without a doubt, my ‘fancy-shmancy’, mules for all ‘out-out’ purposes. Perhaps even, ‘restaurant only’ mules as I’m slightly concerned about heel height and lack of back support, but hey, they’re going to look great, right? I was torn between navy and maroon but opted for the maroon in the end because my wardrobe remains to be a sea of black. I love the style and fabric of this particular pair – they certainly feel and look ‘luxe’.

Let me know if you’ve fallen for any trends this season.

Love, Amy X

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