Dogs Are Furever | K9Friends Dubai

Dogs Are Furever | K9Friends Dubai

“Abandoned after seven years.” “Left next to a rubbish skip.” “Found tied to a tree.” “Thrown out of a moving car.”

These are some of the stories that accompany the rescued dogs at K9Friends. Abandoning dogs because of ‘inconvenience’ is a big problem in Dubai. Help raise awareness of this issue by using #ADOPTINVALUABLEDOGS.

Dogs are not disposable objects, they’re invaluable.


Two years. Two whole years was about the time it took me to convince my Mum and Dad that I absolutely needed a dog. After a solid of 24 months of mastering human puppy dog eyes at the age of 12 (God, that must have been so annoying) the perfect opportunity arose from nowhere. One of my closest friends’ dogs was having puppies.

Finally. This was going to be it.

We visited the tiny West Highland Terriers who looked more miniature polar bear than dog and needless to say, from that day forward a little white fluffy terror, sorry *terrier joined our family and was probably the most favoured member for 14 years.

The only way of describing Molly was ‘me’ but a dog. Stubborn, headstrong and completely unreasonable and disobedient, to the point where she got kicked out of puppy classes (they, of course, had no idea what they were talking about and didn’t know how to handle her, obviously). Looking back, I would have probably kicked her out too. She was a terror, but she was my terror.

The first time I travelled back to a pet-free house, with pictures to remember, instead of a real-life wagging tail was truly heart numbing. The house felt empty, even when it was full. Christmas was never the same without an unwilling dog-reindeer and lazy weekends were not as great without a fluffy foot warmer.

Molly is still my iphone screen saver, even to this day.

Having Molls for 14 years made me realise and appreciate how much love and joy pets can bring to peoples lives. Their commitment and loyalty always fascinates me, as it’s something extremely rare and hard to find in humans.

If you’ve got this far and don’t understand the sentiment, or have even rolled your eyes a few (or more) sentences ago, that’s OK. I’m guessing you’ve never owned a dog, or a pet for that matter, but something that I know we can all agree to frown upon is the unnecessary act of mistreating animals.

When I moved to Dubai, my exact words were, “So, where are they keeping all of the dogs?!”

I eventually saw more and more getting walked as the weather cooled, however, the number of stray animals seen on the streets of Dubai also increased. I later learned that there are a lot of senseless (there are more suitable ‘non-PG13’ adjectives that I’d prefer to use) people who dispose of animals like second-hand objects in Dubai. Just like the countless dust ridden cars and horribly worn sofas on the streets of ‘not so perfect’ Dubai are petrified, frail, abandoned dogs of families that have chosen to leave behind to fend for themselves. Pause.

This is a problem.

People who choose to treat animals like disposable, second-hand objects completely baffle me. I get that animals are not always everyone’s ‘thing’ (with that said, we can’t be friends if you don’t like dogs) but to be cruel and unkind to a living animal is completely heartless and inhumane.

When K9Friends and Saatchi Dubai asked me if I wanted to be a part of a campaign to raise awareness of abandoned dogs in Dubai I, of course, jumped at the chance.

K9Friends and Saatchi Dubai have teamed up with Dubizzle to raise awareness of this ongoing problem. They are in agreement and rightfully so, that dogs are invaluable, not second-hand objects that you dispose of on an afterthought. At the moment you will see lots of advertisements promoting the rehoming of some K9’s un-loved dogs on Dubizzle. There are lots of dogs available, all of which will bring heaps of love and laughter to someone’s life.


A little more on K9 Friends, Dubai

K9 Friends is an operation to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned dogs. Their aim is to reunite dogs with their owners, or care for them until new homes can be found; giving them shelter and a high standard of kennelling and veterinary care. They also offer extra training and socialisation for those dogs who need it and help and advice to new pet owners. K9 Friends also endeavour to educate the public and encourage responsible dog-owning in the UAE. Not all superheroes wear cloaks, after all.

Click here to visit their website



My experiences

Huggies & Chien (aka Red & Blu)


adopt invaluable dogs

dubai dogs

Once learning of Dubai’s new kind of Superheroes, I wanted to help out. It wouldn’t be responsible of me to adopt a dog as my schedule is hectic and there are some days where I’m out of the house for 12 hours solid, but I am able to foster dogs on more ‘quiet’ times, so that’s what I do.

My first fosterees were two girls called Chien and Huggies, total chalk and cheese. Chien was completely chilled, patient, well behaved Mum whilst Huggies was a bouncy bundle of puppy love. Taking them on walks together was very interesting, Huggies didn’t like cars or tight spaces, and Chien didn’t like other dogs on her travels. After struggling alone for the first few times, I decided to take them out separately. Yes, more time consuming but safer and easier no doubt. To my surprise, the two girls must have had a secret conversation during the evening and decided they’d only be willing to walk together so ‘walkies’ was definitely a two man job. We had a few funny moments during toilet training and even funnier moments when Huggies decided to be completely petrified of the lamp (yes, the lamp). One evening she even tried to take a leap of faith over the baby guard to escape ‘bedtime’, but low and behold got completely stuck at the top of it at 12 am on a weeknight.

There are plenty of struggles when adopting or fostering rescued dogs, but the love and sense of accomplishment that you feel when they pass another dog without a barking or welcome a stranger without a growl, or pee outside for the first time (!) is over whelming. I cried for days when I took the first set of foster dogs back to K9 and cried, even more, when I found out they’d been adopted not long after (happiness and jealousy combined).


rescue dogs

dubai dogs

Becca was a little dream boat. Probably the biggest dog I’ve ever fostered but definitely one of the easiest to handle. I didn’t have Becca for very long as I didn’t have a long to foster but she loved the weekends spent in Al Qudra lakes chasing birds! I was also very happy to bump into her a few weeks ago on ‘walkies’ with her new owners (how weird!). She looked so happy!

Fancy (Dubizzle adoption link)

K9 Friends

adopt invaluable dogs

Perhaps the most well-behaved girl ever. So gentle, so loving, a proper little lady. She accompanied me and B-DOG (Brendan) on so many days out – sat in numerous cafes, watched a rugby game in sports city and let children stroke her without a flinch! It breaks my heart to see that she’s still in the shelter and she is such a versatile dog. She would be a great companion for singles, couples and families given the opportunity.

Current Foster: Ally (Dubizzle adoption link)

K9 Friends

K9 Friends


The rascal that is, Ally. A totally fearless, little Madame. Slight issue with warming to men (Brendan is a tiny bit heartbroken that she loves me more than him) and is not the biggest fan of the T.V. but a really cute character with a lot of love to give. She loves toys, playing, digging, ‘walkies’, stealing flip flops and choosing her own treats at the pet shop. Chicken is the flavour of the week. A right, tough cookie with a foxy tail and a dusty black face. To keep up with Ally’s antics, head over to my instastories.


Lend a hand (or paw)

If you have a rescue dog, or even a love for dogs you can help out by using the hashtag #ADOPTINVALUABLEDOGS on social media to raise awareness. Share and like this post – make sure it’s on as many feeds as possible!

If adopting a dog isn’t on the cards right now, there other ways to support K9Friends. They are always looking for kind people to sponsor, foster and even walk the dogs in the cooler months.

However, if adopting is something that you’d like to do, click the links below to see some precious faces.

Priority cases

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Dora – Dubizzle link

Obama – Dubizzle link

Shiva – Dubizzle link

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Other dogs available for adoption

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Ally  (my current foster) – Dubizzle link 

Havoc – Dubizzle link

Jasper – Dubizzle link

Gem – Dubizzle link

Nala – Dubizzle link

Wasl – Dubizzle link

Yarra – Dubizzle link


Hope you enjoyed this rather emotional read!

Love, Amy X

In memory of my favourite terror and all of the lovely rescued animals at K9Friends. 

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