Home Edit: Be My Guest

Home Edit: Be My Guest

An insight into how I transformed my guest bedroom on a low, ‘next to nothing’ budget.

During a move, it’s so easy to get carried away and begin to imagine brand new rooms and re-create spaces to match your Pinterest ‘dream home’ board. Of course, new found ideas can often come with an unwanted and expensive price tag even if you are careful with cash. I feel this has been the story of my life in the last few months – everything ‘home’ related in Dubai (and I mean everything) costs so much. I’ve slowly realised (mainly because my other half keeps drumming it into me) that not everything can be done ‘now’ and this can be frustrating, especially if you have a ‘I want it done yesterday’ attitude like me.

With my current home, I’ve attempted to transform one room at a time and one of my main challenges was the guest room. I mainly found it a challenge because it wasn’t a primary room in my home. What I mean by that, is that I don’t use the guest room as often as I would my bedroom, the kitchen or the living room for example. Of course, I still wanted it to look nice and reflect my style but it wasn’t my priority when it came to spending so I had to take an alternative approach.

I wanted to transform the guest bedroom on the lowest budget possible so I followed three simple strategies:

Re-using decoration or furniture items

Before rushing to the shops to spend unnecessary cash, try re-evaluating the things you already have. I did this when trying to organise the guest bedroom. I re-evaluated the things I already owned and decided whether it would suit the style I was going for. Once I found suitable items, I planned to use them in a different way e.g. setting the day bed in a different way, using a throw as a rug, leaning previously hung sketches against the wall. Finding new purposes for old items can offer a fresh outlook and a re-found love for old items. To think I was going to ditch that old throw!

‘Pinterest’ the item that you want to transform

Searching for a particular item on Pinterest can offer tonnes of inspiration, especially when you’re visualisation is set on how you’ve always used it. For example, searching for ‘Ikea day bed’ will offer you a million and one ways to decorate and re-create a day bed. Instead of spending money on new pillows, different bedding etc, test your re-arranging skills – you’ll be surprised at how satisfying and easy it is. Some of my recent searches include, ‘lantern decoration’, ‘sofa arrangement’, ‘desk arrangement’ and ‘corner decor’ (I know the last one sounds weird, but I like nice corners). I think it’s fair to say that Pinterest is a new homeowner or new ‘home movers’, best friend. 

Choose a new colour

Choosing an unusual colour can be quite daunting especially when everyone seems to have their preferences but stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing a different colour can be quite exhilarating and is always a main topic of discussion.

“Dark green? I would never consider putting that on a wall!” is usually the type of sentence that I hear, followed closely by, “…but it works!” Putting a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for freshening up a room!

Be My Guest

Here are some images of my newly transformed guest room. I’ve listed some of the items below (mostly the ones that are still available to buy) but many of the items are no longer available to purchase as they were bought many months/years ago. All in the name of recycling!

Guest bedroom
Ikea daybed
home diy
home diy
guest bedroom
guest bedroom

Daybed: Ikea

Drawers: Ikea

Decorative bits

Off white bauble throw: Ikea

Lamp: Ikea

Wall prints: Desenio first print / second print 

I hope you found this post useful. Whether you’re in the middle of a move or just want to transform a single room in your current home, give my points a try before forking out on new home items. It might save you a little dollar.

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Love, Amy X

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