Kozma and Kozma #ProjectColour

Kozma and Kozma #ProjectColour


Time for a drastic colour change!

Brunette to pastel in under four weeks with no damage – Kozma and Kozma know their stuff. There’s even a cheeky discount code at the bottom.

If you’ve been following my social media for a while you’ll probably know that I’m very fussy with hair salons and even fussier with my own hair. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences so I’m definitely entitled to the fussiness.

Today I want to share with you my experience at one of the most trusted places on my list, Kozma & Kozma Salon. Carry on reading if you’d prefer to avoid disastrous hair appointments in the near future!

Like a lot of girls, I get bored very easily. I like to change my makeup, clothes, and style quite often but on occasions, I like to go the whole mile and change my hair, however, a hair change is not a decision that’s taken lightly. We all know how disastrous one’s mood can be if one’s hair is looking utter shit. I tend to stay clear of experimenting with lengths because a mid-length cut is what generally suits me. My face is too round for a shortcut and long hair does nothing for me so that leaves colour to play with. I LOVE the idea of pastel colours but of course, with naturally brown hair, this can be tricky. This is where I can introduce Julia, the little colour wizard at Kozma and Kozma. We successfully managed to transform my dark brown hair to a purple base rose gold in four weeks whilst still keeping my hair healthy and soft. Amen to Julia. I’ll take you through the stages.


Stages of colour change at Kozma and Kozma



As you can see, I had very dark hair when starting this process. There’s a lot of dark build-up in my hair as my usual ‘go to’ colour is a rich, chocolate brown. I also have a very warm undertone to my hair which as a result can make it look quite brassy/red in natural light so this was something I wanted Julia to try and combat.

The entire process consisted of three appointments.

The First Appointment – Consultation

The first appointment was a consultation with Julia where we discussed realistic expectations, colour options and conducted a quick bleach test with a small section of hair. Julia was very upfront and stressed that she didn’t want to rush the process as she didn’t want to leave me with dry, damaged hair – I actually can’t thank her enough for doing this because I am known to be quite…ok…very impatient at times. We agreed on the colour and booked the next appointment!

The Second Appointment – Bleach It Up

This was the scary appointment for me. I’m not a mega fan of bleaching my hair because I know the damage that it can cause to normal hair, not to mention dry hair like mine but I was happy to put my faith in Julia. We went for a ‘balyage’ which meant Julia was painting the dye in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. She’d mixed Olaplex into the bleach so it wasn’t as harsh on the hair and before I knew it, I was very blonde! Wow.

My hair took nicely to the bleach and the ends were looking nice and light. The midsection needed to touched up at a later date as there was still an element of ‘brass’ to it but the overall colour and feel was great. A success!

Julia did ask me if I was happy to remain a blondie until the next appointment a few weeks later but she could see that I was a bit uneasy with such a drastic brunette-blonde change so she put a touch of a purple based rose gold tone on my hair which I adored!







The Third Appointment – Perfecting The Colour

As mentioned previously, only the midsection of my hair needed more bleach so there was only need to lighten some parts of my hair. Julia lighten the midsection by applying ‘baby lights’ – this meant that we were able to get away with only applying a limited amount of bleach to the areas that needed it. The brassiness disappeared and viola, I was even more blonde – a perfect base for the next colour application.

We let the purple base rose gold develop for approximately 30-40 minutes and that was me done. Brunette to pastel purple in less than 4 weeks with no damage!




I cannot recommend this salon enough for their services and expertise. Go ahead and try it for yourselves. Make sure to order the Tropical Ginger cocktail while you’re there. Dee-lish!

To receive a 10% off services at Kozma and Kozma quote, “I need a hair change” when booking to validate your discount.

If you’d like to watch the process and see more of the stages I have two YouTube videos dedicated to my colour change! Visit Kozma & Kozma Salon‘s website by clicking on the link.


Bye for now.

Love, Amy X


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