Skin and Hair Care Update

Skin and Hair Care Update

October is upon us (how is that even possible) so it’s about time I shared with you my favourite updated skin and hair care products. Let’s get to it.

I’ve totally neglected sharing skin and hair care recently – mega apologies for that. Maybe I’m sharing more via insta stories these days seeing as I’ve actually plucked up the courage to speak to a camera after nearly two years. Mind you, I still set aside a good half an hour to do that ‘talking to the camera’ Insta story – pathetic, I know.

Let’s not ramble on any further. This blog post is about skin and hair – so let’s stick to that theme. GO!



Madame LA LA Tan by West Coast

I’ve been looking for something to prolong a ‘face tan’ for a while. Whilst I love the brand, St Tropez for a body tan, I don’t necessarily use it for my face because it causes me to breakout so when TishTash PR asked me if I wanted to trial a face bronzing serum, I, of course, said, “yes”. The Madame LA LA Tan is by the brand West Coast and is described as an ‘instant self-tan pick me up for the face’. It contains coco water and green tea to hydrate and brightens the skin whilst developing. I prefer to using the serum as a buildable tan, rather an instant tan so I apply a small amount to the face in the evening and wash away in the morning. I also find that I wear a lot less makeup when I use this on a regular basis and no breakouts! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

For the ladies and gents who are looking for an ‘instant tan’ – I can’t deny that Benefit’s ‘Dew The Hoola’ (liquid version of Hoola bronzer) is fantastic. It blends really well and has a lasting matte finish. Really pretty colour too – I’m on my second bottle already.


Frangipani Monoi Body Oil by Elemis

This body oil is my latest purchase from Basharacare and oh my, it’s something else. I can only describe the beauty of this product by setting a scene; Saturday evening (or Sunday evening if you live in the UK), hot bubble bath, festive autumnal candle burning, favourite pyjamas at the ready, dinner made (or ordered), and an old-school chic-flick on the box. Does it get much better than that?? This oil brings allows you to bring the luxury of a spa to your home, as do most Elemis products. Mega, mega fan of this one.


Drink-Up Intensive Mask by Origins

I have to admit, I was torn on which overnight mask to include in this post as I’m using two at the moment. I figured monogamy isn’t a thing in skin care, or more specifically with overnight masks so I’m just going to include the two. My first boyfriend is the Drink-Up Intensive mask by Origins. It includes active ingredients such as avocado and apricot kernel oils that help restore moisture. To the horror of everyone I meet, I hate eating avocado so I feel much better that my skin gets its avocado fix through this mask.

I know, it’s weird – I don’t eat avocado. Get over it.

It’s worth noting that you can feel this mask on the skin so if you’re like me, and don’t like the feeling of product on your face, you can wipe away the excess with a tissue. The mask still works wonders and delivers unbelievably soft, hydrated skin by morning.


Tulasara Wedding Maque by Aveda

My second love affair is with the Tulasara Wedding Masque by Aveda. Of course, it comes as no surprise that I love this mask as much as I love the other Tulasara products. The ultra-rich texture melts into the skin beautifully and its signature Aveda aroma of jasmine, chamomile and grapefruit are heavenly. Aveda believes that its a woman’s right to wake up with wedding-worthy skin every morning – here, here! The mask contains a potent turmeric extract to help even out your skin tone over time, leaving it luminous and radiant and a blend of organic apricot seed oil work together to help support your skin’s natural repair processes. I’m really enjoying using this as an overnight mask but I am guilty of using it at the weekend on a ‘stay at home’ day. Just lovely.

No3 Olaplex

I’m sure I don’t have to introduce this product. Olaplex no3 has helped my hair withstand colouring for almost two years now. I’ve gone through quite a drastic hair change recently where I went from very dark brown to a rose gold and Olaplex has made the change easy (along with my very talented colourist Julia from Kozma and Kozma). I’d recommend Olaplex to anyone who does naughty things to their hair i.e. bleach, colouring, straightening etc – you can purchase the No.3 as a home treatment.

That’s it for now. Till’ next time.

Love, Amy X



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