Protesting Mediocrity and Promoting Individuality

Protesting Mediocrity and Promoting Individuality

Where do I begin? A lot has changed since I last sat down to write a CROMAH blog post. A lot! To find out more about where we’re at -CROMAH and general life, keep on reading.


First of all, we’ve moved! I’ve made the decision to move the CROMAH blog over to because I’d prefer to keep a business/professional website (or so it will be eventually). The blogs, as you know are a little more personal, so I feel they’re a better suited to my starting base, My Amy Diary. You’ll be able to find brush updates in the CROMAH category.


When we last spoke, I was waiting for my industrial designer to send me the finalised brush designs. The designs came back and they were good, but something was missing. I wasn’t sure what was missing at the time, but weeks later, now I know. The designs weren’t as exciting as I’d hoped (meaning, I didn’t jump out of my chair when I saw them – this is the deciding matter for me) and most importantly I need someone to be as passionate about this project as I am,  therefore I’ve opted to work with a design agency rather than design freelancers. I’ve had lots of exciting conversations with selected agencies and I’m confident that this is the right route for CROMAH. I am beyond excited for the journey ahead!


If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen from my stories that me and Bren visited Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Amongst the weird street delicacies, Michelin star-train station dim sum and a spontaneous trip to Disney Land we did, in fact, make it to Cosmoprof – a very large and very overwhelming cosmetics industry tradeshow.

After a long two days of scouring each and every booth at the tradeshow, I now have three leading manufacturers that I believe can deliver the type of brush that I want. All of the manufacturers had excellent quality brushes at the show, so now I’m just waiting for brush samples from all three companies to trial before I make the final decision. It’ll mostly be makeup brushes under the tree this year, for both me and Bren!


I’ve recently discovered two things. Firstly, I learnt to my absolute horror, that I am not, in fact, Gal Gadot (aka Wonder Woman) and secondly I understand more than ever that time is a very precious thing. It’s impossible to manage both CROMAH and My Amy Diary whilst working to fund the startup process. Something has got to give, and unfortunately, it has to be My Amy Diary, for now. I’m unable to post as frequently because to be quite frank – I don’t have as much to share with you anymore. My event days have been replaced with sofa ridden work nights and my current ootd’s are pyjamas with a supporting laptop accessory. With that said, I have selected a handful of events and experiences lined up for December which I’m very excited to share with you, but unfortunately, it’s not as much as before. I’m also taking a short break from Youtube because I cant fit in the hours to film and edit videos, however when I receive the first batch of CROMAH brushes, weekly videos will be back in full swing.


Ok, a big thank you is in order.

Thank you to all of those people who offered their support and have lent their positivity over the last few months. I’ve really appreciated every comment, message and gesture.

Also, so many people completed the CROMAH survey (way more than I anticipated) so I now have a much better insight into your makeup habits and brush needs! I will be announcing the winner on the 10th of December so that the lucky winner can receive an early Christmas gift.


Lastly, I want to share CROMAH’s mission with you. I’ve always had a strong vision for CROMAH as a brand and know what I want us to stand for but putting that into words or a short phrase is tough. I’ve chosen the following phrase, because it represents us perfectly and I’m sure, when you’ll see our first brush range you’ll feel the same.

Protesting Mediocrity and Promoting Individuality


‘Till next time, loves.


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