Everything You Need To Know About FOREO LUNA Play Plus

Everything You Need To Know About FOREO LUNA Play Plus

FOREO LUNA Play Plus: the tiny but mighty sonic face cleanser. Small enough to fit in your purse but designed to deliver great results. The ultimate skin boosting tool that fits into the lazy girls’ skincare routine.

What is the FOREO LUNA Play Plus?

FOREO LUNA Play Plus is a revolutionary facial cleansing brush that lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup residue for beautiful skin. Unlike other vibration-based cleansing tools, FOREO uses small hypoallergenic silicone bristles that provide a thorough but extremely gentle clean. The silicone bristles come in two sizes: the thicker touch points are designed for precision cleaning around the t-zone and the thinner touch points are best suited to cleanse sensitive-normal skin around the rest of the face. The two zone cleansing brush is designed to uncover fresh, clear, even-looking complexion in just 6 weeks if used for just one minute, twice a day. The FOREO LUNA Play Plus comes in seven playful colours, and I have the fuchsia model.

The difference between models

The FOREO LUNA Play Plus includes all the advantages of the LUNA Play, plus a bigger brush head, softer bristles and a replaceable battery at a budget-friendly price. While not rechargeable like others in the LUNA line, it uses a AAA battery that will power up to 400 uses, after which you can replace it for continued use.

2.76 x 1.50 inches – in other words, the perfect travel size!

How to use the FOREO LUNA Play Plus

Apply your regular cleanser to your face, wet the FOREO and turn it on (there’s a single power button on the reverse side). The tool has branded “t-sonic power” (transdermal sonic) that deliver 8000 pulses per minute. Gently glide the FOREO LUNA Play Plus around your face in circular motions for 1 minute for a thorough but gentle clean. Rinse and dry your face and voila, you’re done.

My experience and recommended complimentary products

The FOREO LUNA Play Plus has been a great addition to my skincare routine. Even though the FOREO feels gentle on use compared to other battery-powered cleansing tools, the results are the same, if not better than other harsher cleansing tools.

I’m currently favouring gel-based cleansers – I find them to be less messy than liquid facial cleansers. My current favourite is Vichy Cleansing Foaming Gel: it claims to cleanse away impurities and pollution residue which is kind of perfect for Dubai.

I’m extremely happy with my results so far – my skin feels super clean and fresh after use. This mini but mighty sonic cleanser is definitely staying in my wash bag.

FOREO LUNA Play Plus and all other FOREO models are available to purchase on namshi.

That’s it for now. More skincare updates next week – I’ve discovered two products that have actually shaken me to the core. One is a toner and the other is a concealer. Oh, the suspense. 😉

‘Till next time.

Amy X

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